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Reducing Diesel Fuel Costs

ProFrac’s F3 Fuel TM offers a complete line of gas solutions to provide our customers with a variety of on-pad gas services. From dual fuel to gas conditioning, ProFrac can solve your needs.

ProFrac’s Gas Conditioning Trailers provide pressure regulation, overpressure protection, gas measurement and filtration in order to safely and consistently fuel frac pumps and power generation equipment. See Dual Fuel page for more information.

Proprietary software allows for real-time remote monitoring of gas operations with remote emergency shut down (ESD) capability for enhanced safety while maximizing runtime.

ProFrac utilizes JP3 Verax® which allows for reliable and consistent gas quality that protects our people and equipment in highly variable field conditions. We believe JP3‘s energy content monitoring can be widely applied across the oil and gas industry.

Our Gas Distribution Trailer provides optimal flow with minimal restrictions to the frac pumps. Each reel has an actuated valve and flow meter with local display and control. These flow rates can also be monitored from a live feed via the app at any time.


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JPBTU Monitoring

  • Analyzer operates at pipeline pressure and temperature
  • Eliminates emissions associated with typical BTU analyzers
  • Requires no carrier or calibration gas
  • Patented technology provides accuracy at a greatly reduced response time

Gas Distribution Trailer

  • Reel trailer design eliminates need to store excess hose on the ground
  • High quality industrial large diameter hose ensures minimal pressure drop from trailer to engine
  • Coriolis meters provide consistent accurate measurement
  • Custom software package with local HMI allows real time viewing of flow rates, pressure, & temperature and control of all actuated valves