Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel: Efficient Power with Reduced Diesel Usage

Harnessing dual fuel technology allows the substitution of natural gas for diesel for operations, reflecting our commitment to lower greenhouse gas energy solutions. Many of ProFrac’s Tier IV pumps are compatible with dual fuel technology, providing a balanced approach to energy consumption.

Our dual fuel technology can significantly reduce diesel deliveries contributing to fewer CO2 emissions during operations. With flexible substitution rates depending on operation specifics, we can provide a pragmatic yet substantial impact to reduce the carbon footprint.

Key features

Adaptable Substitution Rates: Depending on the operation, we offer varying degrees of natural gas substitution, focusing on maintaining efficiency and power output.

Reduced Diesel Deliveries: By using dual fuel technology, we aim to noticeably reduce the frequency of diesel deliveries to and from the site, for more sustainable operations.

Lowered CO2 Emissions: Our approach to fuel management aims to help reduce CO2 emissions, a vital step in promoting more environmentally responsible operations.

Performance metrics


subsitution rates for Caterpillar DGB

Eliminates up to


of diesel deliveries

Up to


reduction in CO2 emissions

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