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Lab Capabilities

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Profrac Services provides the following laboratory capabilities to help deliver the most effective and economic chemistries for our customers.

Oilfield Chemistry & Treatment Modeling Software

ProFrac provides modelling and prediction applications that enable users to model chemistry for scale prediction, inhibitor limitations, corrosion, and mixing and water reuse.

The well log module has the ability to profile scale potential and treatment requirements from bottomhole, to the separator, and after flashing to atmospheric pressure. This allows for modeling of 18+ relevant scales with saturation levels displayed over an adjustable range.

Allowing our customers to select the most effective scale inhibitor for their unique waters.

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Water Analysis

Profrac Services uses iCAP 7000 for isotopic analysis to produce precise measurement of the cations in water in a very quick manner vs titration. This allows us or our customer to select a friction reducer and scale inhibitor package that is most effective in the waters they supply.

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Friction Pressure Analysis

Profrac’s friction flow loop helps determine which friction reducer will be compatible with the customer’s water and determine which friction reducer can provide the best overall performance.  This is done by utilizing customer sourced water and friction reducer and ran through a flow loop at 15 gpm (vs standard 10 gpm loops) to monitor polymer inversion and overall polymer performance over time.  This allows the customer to select a friction reducer that will provide the best economic value for their project.