Lab Capabilities

Lab Solutions for Optimized Performance

At ProFrac, we equip you with high-quality laboratory capabilities for selection of the most effective and economical chemistries for your project. Here’s how we assist you:


Oilfield Chemistry & Treatment Modelling Software

Harness the power of our modeling and prediction tools to streamline chemistry selections for various work scopes including scale prediction and water reuse. Our well log module enables precise profiling of scale potential and treatment requirements, helping you choose the perfect scale inhibitor for your unique needs. 

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Water Analysis

Leverage the accuracy of our iCAP 7000 series for fast and precise water isotopic analysis. This supports in the selection of friction reducers and scale inhibitor packages that align perfectly with your water sources.

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Friction Pressure Analysis

Benefit from our advanced friction flow loop, designed to identify the most compatible and efficient friction reducer for your project. By utilizing customer-provided water samples, we can provide the most suitable friction reducer with the best economic value.

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