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More Stages, Less Iron

Centipede’s streamlined 7 1⁄16-inch high-pressure manifold design provides a reduction in rig-up time, ground iron, and vibration on site. Non-productive time is also greatly reduced, allowing for quicker prime up-time and extended run times which decreases fuel usage and cuts emissions.

Centipede also reduces the amount of iron connections by 80% and virtually eliminates vibration for sound reduction on-site.

Each Centipede is equipped with two 7 1⁄16-inch plug valves and one 7 1⁄16-inch check valve.

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  • Eliminates ground iron
  • Fewer leaks and spills
  • Eliminates iron restraints
  • Safer rig-up
  • Mitigates proppant settling and leak-off from shut downs