Our Commitment to a Greener Future

At ProFrac, our commitment to sustainability and decarbonization stands at the forefront of our operations. We recognize our responsibilities, not just to our stakeholders, but also to the environment and the communities we operate in. As part of our pledge, we are driven to reduce our carbon footprint, innovate for a more sustainable future, and uphold our commitment to the planet.

Recent Performance Highlights 

  • Displaced 25,525,063 Gallons of Diesel with Dual-Fuel Technology in 2022.
  • Established  17 Next Generation Tier IV Frac Fleets.
  • Delivered  9 Electric Frac Fleets.
  • Serviced with 447 Tier 4 Engines and 451 Dual-Fuel Engines.
  • Achieved a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 0.59 (as of end of 2022).
  • Retired 154 Tier II Engines in 2022.
  • More updates on diesel savings and CO2e emission reductions to come.

Environmental Responsibility & Innovation

  • Electrification of Our Fleet: We’ve made significant strides in electrifying our fleet, spearheading the adoption of the electric frac fleet. We’re proud to have one of the largest electric frac fleets available.
  • Idle Management Technology: Through our majority ownership in EKU, we deploy idle management technologies to reduce unnecessary diesel burning. This ensures pumps are shut down when not pumping, conserving fuel and reducing emissions.
  • In-Basin Proppant Production: Our sister company, Alpine Silica, focuses on in-basin proppant production. This reduces trucking costs and associated emissions.
  • Chemical Innovations: We’ve partnered with leading chemical firms to produce frac chemicals that reduce our freshwater requirements. Conserving freshwater is vital, and we continuously innovate to minimize consumption. 

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Our strategy for CO2 reduction includes optimizing our fleets. By retiring older engines and introducing newer, more eco-friendly technologies, we aim to make significant inroads into reducing emissions. Our electric frac fleet technology, dual fuel capabilities, and partnerships support our amibtion to produce cleaner, more sustainable energy services.




Gallons of Diesel with Dual-Fuel Technology in 2022



Next Generation Tier IV Frac Fleets



Electric Frac Fleets

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