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Delivering World Class Service with a Commitment to Reduce the Environmental Impact

ProFrac strives to reduce emissions and roll out initiatives that help protect our environment. Our Tier IV pumps run on dual fuel, cutting CO2 emissions by up to 23%. Running dual fuel also reduces the amount of diesel fuel deliveries on site by up to 70%.

The Engine Standby Controller (ESC) replaces existing hydraulic start and wet kits on frac units to enable automatic power down during idling. This automatic power-down decreases the carbon footprint by up to 388 metrics tons and eliminates 80% of idle time.

ProFrac strives to quantify the carbon footprint of our operations and identify specific reduction targets.

Performance Metrics

CO2e Emissions Comparison


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  • Less diesel = CO2 and other emissions reduction up to 23%
  • Natural gas used from line gas leads to substantial saving to the operator
  • Eliminates approximately 70% of diesel deliveries to and from location
  • Substitution rates up to 85% with Caterpillar DGB